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"Awesome! Dr. Melissa Dawahare is a great teacher and this is a great class. I was a little skeptical at first of whether this would be a 'new age' knock-off, but found it goes along with what I have learned from Navajo medicine men.

I was first drawn to the friendliness and warmth of Melissa. I was unsure of what to expect or whether I should actually attend, but her warmth kept me pushing forward. I liked the way the class was put together.

I was feeling skeptical about 'power animals' until I received mine. Now I am totally energized! I just need to practice so I can help others. It is always good to meet a new family!"
---Kathy Helms, Window Rock, AZ


"I had a wonderful experience in The Basic Workshop as Melissa is very sweet, sharp, and always goes straight to the point. She has an open heart, is very organized, and caring. I feel very happy to have come a long way to be here. Melissa, it would be an honor if one day you can come to Brazil and share all your experience. You have a place in my heart!"
---Danielle Monte Dummar, Eusebio-Ceara, Brazil

"My overall experience of The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare was positive. Melissa was very supportive and encouraging. There was a good flow of information and nice opportunities to share. I enjoyed the content, not too many things to practice, and I liked the focus on journeying."
---Scott Hesser, Mesa, AZ

"My uncertainty about the workshop began to turn into self-confidence. While I felt intimidated, the opportunity to experience the techniques was valuable. Dr. Melissa exuded patience and humility. By example, she helped me know that we must let our self ego dissolve as we grow.

After the workshop, I had a shamanic healing session with Dr. Melissa. My healing treatment session was a very settling experience which centered and grounded me considerably."
---Bill Hysom, Aurora, CO

"I had a wonderful overall experience and is an excellent course for both beginners and those with experience. Dr. Melissa was well organized and gave good, specific instruction. The course format and length were great. The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism gave me an excellent introduction and overview of shamanic practice. It also gave me the confidence to continue to practice and begin to share the gift with others."
---Mark R. Grover (Randy), Phoenix, AZ

"Excellent workshop! It was well worth the time and money investment. Melissa created a sacred, safe, open space to do the work from this beginning level. She was well organized and honored time boundaries. I found the workshop to be comfortable and designed well to experience the teachings. Thank you!"
---Cindi Cardwell, Phoenix, AZ

"A powerful and inspiring experience! I got an introduction into a new world!"
---Gottfried Kaser, Austria

"I came on a whim looking for insight and knowledge and to be introduced to ways of practicing to strengthen myself. It was wonderful. The workshop organization was great, timely, and well planned. I felt more comfortable with each technique and exercise as the workshop went on.

Thank you Melissa! I chose to work with you over some others giving workshops this weekend. I felt in good kindred spirits with you."
---Sadie Marquardt, Denver, CO

"Melissa taught in a smooth, flowing way and showed confidence in her knowledge of the materials presented. I feel confident in continuing shamanic studies with the Foundation and I intend to do that!"
---Cindy Green, Mesa, AZ
Instructor, www.drumheart.com

"Melissa gave our circle a tremendous gift of unity and connection with spirit and joy! It was a fabulous experience. In two days I experienced the culmination of 40 years of searching for my center, my own voice. Melissa facilitated a powerful healing experience.  Thank you!"
---Bettina Giancana-Kane, Tucson, AZ

"Incredibly empowering! Dr. Melissa was very mindful of the environment of the classroom, very knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions as they related to the Foundation's philosophy."
---Cathy Ainsworth, Cottonwood, AZ
Pathways to Health, LLC

"My overall experience of The Basic Workshop was that I enjoyed it and learned alot of useful information. Dr. Melissa is very clear and insightful. She laid out alot of information in a clear comprehensive manner. She is a powerful woman. Dr. Melissa is an excellent shaman."
---Cynthia Setterlund, Chandler, AZ

"Melissa is a delightful, energetic, and knowledgeable teacher. At first I was nervous about being in a mixed non-Native setting but I quickly felt at ease. Thank you Dr. Melissa Dawahare and Dr. Michael Harner for a precious gift to mother earth and humanity."
---A. Kaweah Lemeshewsky, Phoenix, AZ

"During The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I felt empowered, grateful, and opened. The techniques were tremendously effective and welcomed. I would absolutely recommend this class to others. It is a great safe introduction to core shamanic practices. Melissa is unique from other instructors because she articulates the methodologies of core shamanism with a beautiful ease and great passion. Thank you!"
---Donna Jason, Oak Park, CA
Instructor, www.sacredlomi.com

"Before taking The Basic Workshop with Melissa Dawahare, I was not sure how 'out there' the training would be. I was pleasantly surprised how practical the information was and the ease of applying it. Melissa is very clear and purposeful in her instruction. She teaches with compassion and makes each student feel valued."
---V. Sandler, Phoenix, AZ

"My overall experience of The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare was very positive. She kept things moving and gently kept us on track. Dr. Dawahare is bright, personable, organized, and provided a very supportive environment as well as a wealth of practical information."
---Michael P. Clare, M.A., Prescott Valley, AZ
Life Coach, www.shamanicsolutions.com

"What a powerful personal growth experience! This is the second time I've taken The Basic Workshop. The first time was with about 100 people and the second time was with about 10 people. Both were valuable experiences. It was helpful to be in a smaller group to practice.  There was more intimacy and more sharing. Melissa was organized and kept us on task."
---Kathleen Jordine, Phoenix, AZ

"I had a great time and learned alot in The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism. Melissa is a great instructor and person. The weekend was structured for beginners and the experienced. Melissa's style and personality are fantastic. Everything was perfect and I would take her course again!"
---Lyle Taresh, Phoenix, AZ

"I totally enjoyed the experience of The Basic Workshop. I found it very positive and with the intent to utilize it in my daily life. I thought Melissa did a great job overall.  She was awesome! Melissa is a great instructor with a wonderful personality. She fits the program. I really enjoyed her energy and look forward to other workshops."
---M. Steven Kate, Paradise Valley, AZ

"The workshop was excellent and very helpful. The practices were mostly well explained and the ones that were not were left more vague to avoid inspiring preconceptions in the students. I was very satisfied. I think Melissa did a wonderful job explaining the core practices. The course and instructor were excellent. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in what shamanic practice is about."
---Dwayne Taresh, Phoenix, AZ

"I felt that everything taught in The Basic Workshop was beneficial. Good practical ways to heal and gain information were presented. I would definitely recommend Melissa Dawahare and the class to others. Melissa has a broad knowledge of the shamanic practice and delivered the course in a very professional manner. Her dedication to the shamanic teachings is what makes her unique from other instructors I have dealt with in workshop settings. I thought it was a great workshop, definitely worth doing."
---Lynelle Lapinskas, Sydney, Australia

"My overall experience of The Basic Workshop was very good. I enjoyed the journeys and especially the power animal retrieval. Specific aspects of Melissa's style of instruction that worked well were the consistent and steady beat of the drum, clear time boundaries, and her enthusiasm about the subject matter. The workshop length and breaks were just right."
---Christina Tourin, Mount Laguna, CA
Harpist, www.playharp.com

"After taking The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I would absolutely recommend the class and her to others. It was a respectful, safe, friendly, and caring atmosphere to be introduced to an ancient and powerful tradition.

Melissa is compassionate and tolerant yet leads in a firm and clear way. She makes everyone's experience 'normal'. She was unique from other instructors I have had because she was open and accepting yet had really good boundaries about the practices she was teaching and the running of the workshop. She is likeable and believable. Melissa's instructions were precise and easy to follow.

After the workshop, I felt empowered, excited, focused, and grateful. I learned to journey. I learned divination skills. I received a spiritual practice to go home with. I glimpsed a new way of being in the world."
---Cynthia Savage, Albuquerque, NM
Owner, www.devotionclothingco.com

"After taking The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I felt very uplifted. I would definitely recommend the class to others. It covered alot of information. The experience and training of the journeys was very enlightening. Melissa is unique from other instructors I have had in workshop settings because she seems to be more captivating of her audience which makes the learning more fun."
---Loren Tabas, Avondale, AZ

"Dr. Melissa Dawahare is unique from other workshop instructors I have had because of her willingness to explain in things in different ways and to turn any comment or shared experience into a learning situation for all present. Through her we learned from each other. During The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism I felt welcomed and supported. I left with knowledge of how to listen to guidance I have sometimes received in random ways and not fear it. I left feeling more 'whole' than I have for a long time. Thank you Melissa!"
---Anne Marie Freeman, Mesa, AZ

"After taking The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I would certainly recommend the class and her to others.  She is quite happy, easy to follow and understand and learn from. The contents of the class are not too far 'out there'. I was very pleased with Melissa's teaching approach. There was no right or wrong way and whatever you came up with was okay. It was a nice change from a previous instructor who taught things that were ritualistic and not flexible.

After the workshop, I felt invigorated, hopeful, eager, and looking forward to my next journey. I am very pleased to learn about and have a power animal. The class was a great help to me and I am sure it would help others too."
---Chris Wallwork, Albuquerque, NM

"During The Basic Workshop with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I felt very good, pretty natural to be honest. Melissa is unique from other instructors in Core Shamanism because she is very clear and explains with no restraints. I'd recommend the class to others."
---Orlando Ashman, Mexico City, Mexico
Spiritual Shop Owner, www.tarotsdelmundo.com

"Before taking The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I didn't know what to expect, so I came with an open mind. I feel great about what I learned during the workshop. I would of course recommend this workshop to others. It went so smoothly and Melissa is a great teacher. Thanks Melissa!"
---Damien LeBallister, Denver, CO

"My perception before taking The Basic Workshop with Dr. Melissa Dawahare was that it might be a 'corporate' Western white person's course. I thought Melissa's photo on the website was clinical. Intuition told me to come regardless and I was glad to find out that she was nothing like the photo.  She was fun, friendly, and warm.  The course was great too.

I am very happy, grateful, and satisfied by the course. I feel confident too. A lot was covered and it supports visions and messages I've been getting from my animal guides and teachers. Now I can understand and work with them better.

I would most certainly recommend the class to others because it is beneficial for healing work, life skills, and serving others. Melissa is unique from other workshop instructors I have dealt with because she is fun, friendly, light, bubbly, and enthusiastic. She is knowledgeable on many topics."
---Monique De Martin, Sydney, Australia

"My experience of The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare was good and I enjoyed myself. I learned some valuable lessons and enjoyed the power animal retrieval and divination exercise. The course was great and exciting. I learned things I can use to enhance my life and my client's lives. Thank you."
---Brian Simpson, Phoenix, AZ

"Not quite understanding what to expect, I was a bit hesitant about sharing in the workshop, but Melissa did present a safe environment amongst the participants which relaxed my anxiousness. Melissa has a definite style of presentation that is professional, but not stand off-ish. Her boundaries are clear but inclusive at the same time. She is friendly, speaks clearly, and gives a feeling of her own power and knowledge. She gives credit and respect to Michael Harner's way of presentation and its limitations."
---Betty Truitt, Mount Laguna, CA

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