"Our health is challenged daily by the world we live in. And although we want to take care of our health and feel good we can be overwhelmed by the wealth of information on healthcare that is put out by the media. Dr. Melissa Dawahare takes the overwhelm out of creating a healthy way of life. She provides a very organized plan for achieving optimal health and wellness. We can all benefit from House Call. Dr. Dawahare did a brilliant job with this book."

---Sandra Ingerman, Santa Fe, NM
Author of Soul Retrieval & How to Heal Toxic Thoughts

"After taking The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I would absolutely recommend the class and her to others. It was a respectful, safe, friendly, and caring atmosphere to be introduced to an ancient and powerful tradition.

Melissa is compassionate and tolerant yet leads in a firm and clear way. She makes everyone's experience 'normal'. She was unique from other instructors I have had because she was open and accepting yet had really good boundaries about the practices she was teaching and the running of the workshop. She is likeable and believable. Melissa's instructions were precise and easy to follow.

After the workshop, I felt empowered, excited, focused, and grateful. I learned to journey. I learned divination skills. I received a spiritual practice to go home with. I glimpsed a new way of being in the world."

---Cynthia Savage, Albuquerque, NM
Owner, www.devotionclothingco.com

"Dr. Melissa Dawahare is unique from other workshop instructors I have had because of her willingness to explain in things in different ways and to turn any comment or shared experience into a learning situation for all present. Through her we learned from each other. During The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism I felt welcomed and supported. I left with knowledge of how to listen to guidance I have sometimes received in random ways and not fear it. I left feeling more 'whole' than I have for a long time. Thank you Melissa!

---Anne Marie Freeman, Mesa, AZ

"After taking The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I would certainly recommend the class and her to others.  She is quite happy, easy to follow and understand and learn from. The contents of the class are not too far 'out there'. I was very pleased with Melissa's teaching approach. There was no right or wrong way and whatever you came up with was okay. It was a nice change from a previous instructor who taught things that were ritualistic and not flexible.

After the workshop, I felt invigorated, hopeful, eager, and looking forward to my next journey. I am very pleased to learn about and have a power animal. The class was a great help to me and I am sure it would help others too."

---Chris Wallwork, Albuquerque, NM

"During The Basic Workshop with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I felt very good, pretty natural to be honest. Melissa is unique from other instructors in Core Shamanism because she is very clear and explains with no restraints. I'd recommend the class to others."

---Orlando Ashman, Mexico City, Mexico
Spiritual Shop Owner, www.tarotsdelmundo.com

"I finished your book, House Call: How Ordinary People Have Extraordinary Health, and enjoyed the insight. It's very good for someone who wants to start living their life in balance. I'll definitely refer it to others!"

---Kimberly, Indianapolis, IN

"I have chronic problems with fatigue, frequent illnesses, and back pain. I was unaware of what naturopathic doctor's practices consisted of before seeing Dr. Melissa Dawahare. I am finding her services helpful and seeing improvements of less fatigue and illness on a supplement regimen and the dietary changes prescribed.

Dr. Dawahare spends much more time getting to know her patient and patient's problems than other medical doctors I have seen. I am encouraged about my progress and I am sticking with the treatments. She paces the treatments according to my pace, not setting too many changes or goals at once."

---Karen James, Scottsdale, AZ

"I had stress and fatigue before visiting Dr. Dawahare, the normal health issues of a working parent. After using her services, I felt more energy and my focus return along with being more centered or balanced in my physical body. I believe it is easier to stay healthy than to get well. The treatment she does focuses on keeping me balanced and preventing disease. I enjoy her upbeat energy."

---Dr. Pam Traum, Tempe, AZ
Chiropractic Physician

"Before seeing Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I had chronic fatigue symptoms and felt generally run down. After working with her, I felt significantly better physically, having more energy for the things I was doing. My fatigue levels are much less now. She has been terrific in helping me solve my health puzzle. Dr. Dawahare is very compassionate and welcoming on every visit. I always feel like MY time is exceptionally valuable. Thank you Dr. Melissa!"

---Chuck Carter, Phoenix, AZ
Owner and Personal Trainer, www.LiveLeanToday.com

Dr. Melissa takes a holistic approach to her patients’ health, understanding that the mind, body, and spirit are all inter-related. Sometimes a physical symptom is a manifestation of what the patient is thinking and feeling, and Dr. Melissa has a host of tools that she uses to help the patient create better health. She truly cares and has made a difference in my life and health!

---Tracy King, Scottsdale, AZ
President, Nutri-Health/Sedona Labs, www.sedonalabs.com

"Melissa is a delightful, energetic, and knowledgeable teacher. At first I was nervous about being in a mixed non-Native setting but I quickly felt at ease. Thank you Dr. Melissa Dawahare and Dr. Michael Harner for a precious gift to mother earth and humanity.

---A. Kaweah Lemeshewsky, Phoenix, AZ

"During The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I felt empowered, grateful, and opened. The techniques were tremendously effective and welcomed. I would absolutely recommend this class to others. It is a great safe introduction to core shamanic practices. Melissa is unique from other instructors because she articulates the methodologies of core shamanism with a beautiful ease and great passion. Thank you!"

---Donna Jason, Oak Park, CA
Instructor, www.sacredlomi.com

"Before taking The Basic Workshop with Melissa Dawahare, I was not sure how 'out there' the training would be. I was pleasantly surprised how practical the information was and the ease of applying it. Melissa is very clear and purposeful in her instruction. She teaches with compassion and makes each student feel valued."

---V. Sandler, Phoenix, AZ

"My overall experience of The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare was very positive. She kept things moving and gently kept us on track. Dr. Dawahare is bright, personable, organized, and provided a very supportive environment as well as a wealth of practical information."

---Michael P. Clare, M.A., Prescott Valley, AZ
Life Coach, www.shamanicsolutions.com

"Chronic lower back pain, fatigue, and eczema were my health problems before seeing Dr. Melissa Dawahare. My perceptions before working with her were that traditional medicine was the only way I was going to be cured and there is no absolute cure for my pain. I felt very much taken care of and listened to by Dr. Dawahare. She is sincerely interested in finding results together and passionate about naturopathic systems.

With acupuncture, my pain has vanished completely. Through supplements prescribed and monitored by Dr. Dawahare, my fatigue is gone and my eczema is gone--all without taking harmful "traditional" medicines which come with a host of side-effects! Dr. Melissa Dawahare is unique from other doctors I have seen because she does careful follow-up and really cares about the whole person...not just the visit.

Having been treated for a variety of maladies by traditional medicine my whole life, I am relieved to finally find a physician who treats the whole person, not the symptom, and does so with supplements and procedures that are far less harmful to my whole body."

---Addy Adkins, Chandler, AZ
CEO, Cultural Encounters Club, www.culturalencountersclub.com

"We have used Dr. Dawahare's book on health, House Call, for educational programs at our homeless shelter. With her clever and easy to understand analogies, our women were able to grasp critical health concepts to make changes in their health. Dr. Melissa Dawahare is unique because of her conversational style and desire to help others. These things make her outstanding in her field!"

---Alice Mollet, Jefferson, SD
Case Manager, Crossroads Women's Shelter

"Dr. Melissa Dawahare's strategies have the power to change lives! She teaches the essential ingredients for living a happy and healthy life!"

---Nathaneal Mohr, Cocoa Beach, FL
Expert Marketing Strategist

"I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 25 years (juvenile onset). I chose to supplement my conventional RA treatments with services offered by Dr. Dawahare. I chose her as my doctor due to her previous experience as an RN. After my first acupuncture treatment with Dr. Dawahare, the swelling and pain in my hands was reduced by 60%. Subsequent acupuncture treatments have continued to reduce pain and swelling in my body. As a busy mom of two, I find that Dr. Dawahare's treatments are fast, always on time, and effective for me."

---Marietta Shirk, Tempe, AZ
Owner Longarm Quilting Services, www.triskelestitches.com

"As a person who is new to alternative medicine, I was a little nervous about trying acupuncture and naturopathic medicine. I found Dr. Dawahare to be the perfect choice for me.

She took detailed health information and listened to me, getting at the root of my problems, not just treating symptoms. Dr. Melissa Dawahare is very skilled at making a new patient feel comfortable and secure.

I now recommend her to anyone who needs treatment. Another side benefit of working with her was having more energy and sleeping better. Thank you, Dr. Dawahare!"

---Mary, Chandler, AZ

"Before seeing Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I had acid reflux that was very debilitating. It caused constant nausea and esophageal discomfort. I wasn't sure what to expect before seeing her, but I did know there would be a more holistic approach taken than I had experienced with my previous internist.

When using her services, I felt educated by Dr. Dawahare and I felt that her level of care was far superior to any other medical professional I have seen in the past 15 years. I was not only able to stop taking the acid reflux prescription medication that I had been on for over 6 years, my conditions actually went away as a result of Dr. Dawahare's very intuitive care!

After I went through my body cleanse, I never went back to eating animal and poultry meat. I feel healthier and I have more energy. Additionally, I am able to keep extra weight off my body. Dr. Dawahare is accessible and available and answers questions in a way that I am able to understand. Furthermore, her compassion and care are absolutely top notch!"

---Lisa Black, Scottsdale, AZ

"I had low back pain and was smoking before seeing Dr. Melissa Dawahare. I was not sure her treatments would work. It took me a year to decide to come in for a visit.

As a result of using Dr. Dawahare's services, I feel great. My back pain is gone and I have stopped smoking. After working with her, my energy levels have increased. I have far less pain and I feel more balance in my daily activities. I really appreciate the care and attention to detail. Dr. Dawahare is extremely professional."

---George Galloway, Mesa, AZ
GE Electric

"Before seeing Dr. Dawahare I had sleep problems, high cholesterol, and a nervous condition. As a result of using Dr. Melissa Dawahare's services, my sleep problems were corrected, my cholesterol dramatically declined, and I had more energy. After working with her, I felt a dramatic increase in my general health and well-being. I would highly recommend Dr. Dawahare!"

---A Notary Public, Scottsdale, AZ

"What makes Dr. Melissa Dawahare unique from other naturopathic doctors or regular doctors is that she's down to earth, encourages negotiation on 'sticky points', and presents innovative ideas to help her patients toward compliance and motivation.

Dr. Dawahare outlines the goals, but is wise enough not to try to impose them all at once. She is gentle, but firm in helping her patient choose each new goal to commit to. She also listens attentively and maintains a totally professional atmosphere. Thanks Dr. Dawahare!"

---Rev. Barbara Mays, Phoenix, AZ

"Dr. Dawahare radiates joy and inner peace. I have been so blessed by the care I have received. I continue to feel more grounded through our sessions of acupuncture, shamanism, and nutritional supplementation. She is an intuitive empath and her gentle nature is contagious!"

---Waller, Tempe, AZ

"When I came to see Dr. Dawahare I had poor digestion, low energy levels, and substantial shoulder pain and impingement due to injury. After my treatments, I always felt great and the results have been remarkable. I now have much better digestion, a ton of energy, and almost no pain and full range of motion in my shoulder. My primary concerns were treated with great care.

Dr. Melissa Dawahare is unique from other doctors because she is very fun and easy to talk to. She has a gentle strength in her abilities as a doctor and healer.

Thank you Dr. Melissa for all the help and healing you offered me these past couple of months. It has been a privilege having you as my physician! I am feeling awesome!"

---Martin Petrovic, Tempe, AZ

"I had fatigue, mental fogginess, and muscle aches from Fibromyalgia before seeing Dr. Melissa Dawahare. After using her services, I feel less fatigue, improved mental acuity, and less soreness. I have a much better daily life and am able to do things I could not do before like going to a store or an art festival. What makes Dr. Melissa Dawahare unique from other doctors is she is very thorough and good with allopathic and naturopathic therapies. I would recommend her to anyone seeking options not offered with western medicine."

---Karen Marchetti, Apache Junction, AZ

"Before seeing Dr. Dawahare, I was tired and had stuffed sinuses, depressive type feelings, sadness, bloating, and gassiness. After a visit to the emergency room for shortness of breath and other symptoms, I was sooooo ready to seek the help of Dr. Melissa.

With her services, I formed a totally new awareness into holistic health and the importance of being proactive versus reactive in my health. I learned about Candida, leaky gut syndrome, allergies, healthier diet/eating regimens, and probiotics. I felt relieved mentally to have her support and after several months, feel like a new woman - happier, healthier, and excited about life again! I cleared up all my symptoms by following her plan and resolved my allergic reaction to wheat/gluten. My performance as an athlete returned too!

My experience with Dr. Dawahare versus regular doctors was lights out. I will not choose to go see a regular doc again because her approach is scientifically and Spiritually based – more of what my body deserves! A large part of my life now focuses around the natural methods that Dr. Melissa taught me. This is now a lifestyle change for me and one that will add years to my life and life to my years. Many things I am sharing with my clients and will impart upon my family/friends. I'll continue to keep in touch with Dr. Melissa for life!"

---Lois Tiedemann, San Clemente, CA
Success Coach and Author of No One Succeeds Alone, www.TransformedTriathlete.com

"After taking The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I felt very uplifted. I would definitely recommend the class to others. It covered alot of information. The experience and training of the journeys was very enlightening. Melissa is unique from other instructors I have had in workshop settings because she seems to be more captivating of her audience which makes the learning more fun."

---Loren Tabas, Avondale, AZ

"Before visiting Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I had migraines. I am needle phobic, so I was anxious about trying acupuncture. After an acupuncture session with Dr. Dawahare, I felt immediate relief. The treatment wasn't painful or anything like I expected. I have less migraine headaches and more energy as a result of using her services.

With the treatments, I broke the migraine cycle! I would recommend Dr. Melissa Dawahare and acupuncture. Both the listening and the treatments got results!"

---Janet Wolff, Gilbert, AZ

"Before taking The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare, I didn't know what to expect, so I came with an open mind. I feel great about what I learned during the workshop. I would of course recommend this workshop to others. It went so smoothly and Melissa is a great teacher. Thanks Melissa!"

---Damien LeBallister, Denver, CO

"My perception before taking The Basic Workshop with Dr. Melissa Dawahare was that it might be a 'corporate' Western white person's course. I thought Melissa's photo on the website was clinical. Intuition told me to come regardless and I was glad to find out that she was nothing like the photo.  She was fun, friendly, and warm.  The course was great too.

I am very happy, grateful, and satisfied by the course. I feel confident too. A lot was covered and it supports visions and messages I've been getting from my animal guides and teachers. Now I can understand and work with them better.

I would most certainly recommend the class to others because it is beneficial for healing work, life skills, and serving others. Melissa is unique from other workshop instructors I have dealt with because she is fun, friendly, light, bubbly, and enthusiastic. She is knowledgeable on many topics."

---Monique De Martin, Sydney, Australia

"My experience of The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Dr. Melissa Dawahare was good and I enjoyed myself. I learned some valuable lessons and enjoyed the power animal retrieval and divination exercise. The course was great and exciting. I learned things I can use to enhance my life and my client's lives. Thank you."

---Brian Simpson, Phoenix, AZ

"Not quite understanding what to expect, I was a bit hesitant about sharing in the workshop, but Melissa did present a safe environment amongst the participants which relaxed my anxiousness. Melissa has a definite style of presentation that is professional, but not stand off-ish. Her boundaries are clear but inclusive at the same time. She is friendly, speaks clearly, and gives a feeling of her own power and knowledge. She gives credit and respect to Michael Harner's way of presentation and its limitations."

---Betty Truitt, Mount Laguna, CA

"My overall experience of The Basic Workshop was very good. I enjoyed the journeys and especially the power animal retrieval. Specific aspects of Melissa's style of instruction that worked well were the consistent and steady beat of the drum, clear time boundaries, and her enthusiasm about the subject matter. The workshop length and breaks were just right."

---Christina Tourin, Mount Laguna, CA
Harpist, www.playharp.com

"I felt that everything taught in The Basic Workshop was beneficial. Good practical ways to heal and gain information were presented. I would definitely recommend Melissa Dawahare and the class to others. Melissa has a broad knowledge of the shamanic practice and delivered the course in a very professional manner. Her dedication to the shamanic teachings is what makes her unique from other instructors I have dealt with in workshop settings. I thought it was a great workshop, definitely worth doing."

---Lynelle Lapinskas, Sydney, Australia

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