Shamanic Services

Soul Retrieval
Soul retrieval involves the return of lost soul pieces or soul essence. A person may have lost these pieces through trauma or other life events. Soul retrieval restores personal power.

Power Animal Retrieval
Power animal retrieval is uniting a person with their power animal. It is done for the purpose of healing and restoring spiritual power to a person.

Extraction is the removal of a spiritual intrusion from the body. An intrusion is anything that does not belong in the body. Intrusions can be a spiritual cause of illness.

Divination is gathering information or knowledge for a person. The information can be used for healing, guidance, or other purposes.

Psychopomp involves working with the dead and dying. It is used to help people prepare for the life transition of death and dying.

Which service do I select?
Usually a long distance shamanic healing session with Dr. Melissa Dawahare combines several of these services. The combination of services used depends on what the person needs for healing and the restoration of spiritual and personal power.

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Dr. Dawahare offers seminars designed to help you experience a great amount of change in a short period of time and enhance your spiritual growth. To view scheduled seminars, learn more about how these amazing seminars can help you transform your life and health, or sign up for the next workshop...

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Naturopathic Services

Would you like to speak with a naturopathic medical doctor via phone or email right now? Do you have an unanswered medical question? Or questions about Blessed Herbs Products or other supplements? Or perhaps you have questions about the medications you are taking.

Ask Dr. Melissa Dawahare your questions online NOW! Get answers via phone or email to your most pressing health concerns from a board licensed Naturopathic Physician without the hassle of an appointment...

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Public Speaking Services

Do you want a passionate, entertaining, and professional speaker at your next event? Dr. Melissa Dawahare is available on a limited basis to speak to your group on the health and wellness topic of your choice.

Topics include naturopathic medicine, shamanism, weight loss secrets, how to boost your metabolism, improving your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, bio-identical hormones, and many others. For details on how you can use Dr. Dawahare's public speaking services to help you and your group...

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