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Doc's Favorite Fats
Vol. 9.1.8

While I have been know to enjoy the fats in a mozzarella cheese stick, I have to say my favorite source of fats are flax seeds and flax seed oil! Read on to see why!


Fresh flax seed and flax seed oil have a pleasing, light, nutty flavor and contains a nutritionally unique composition of essential fatty acids (EFA's). They are essential because they can't be synthesized by the human body.

Flax seed and flax seed oil contains both linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid, also known as omega 6 and omega 3 oils. These oils decrease inflammation in the body. They help to lower cholesterol and create healthy cell walls.

These oils also reduce joint inflammation, improve immune response, decrease menstrual cramps, improve skin conditions like psoriasis, acne and eczema, and reduce migraine headaches.

Because essential fatty acids increase metabolic rate, EFA-rich flax oil is less likely than any other oil to result in weight gain. In fact, studies have shown that many overweight people actually lose weight by adding fresh essential fatty acid-rich oil to their diet.

When using flax seed oil in hot foods (soups, cooked or steamed vegetables, etc.) add the oil just before serving. Frying or cooking with flax oil destroys the healthful properties of this oil.

Recipes to test for yourself...

1. Dill Dressing

1/3 cup minced fresh dill
1/4 cup vinegar or lemon juice
1 1/2 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon honey or rice syrup
1/2 cup flax seed oil

In a bowl or blender mix everything except the flax oil. Trickle the oil in slowly while blending or whisking vigorously, until the dressing is thick and smooth.

Keep extra dressing refrigerated in a dark bottle for later use.

2. Ginger Dressing

3 tablespoon flax seed oil
1 to 2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger
1 garlic clove minced

Whisk ingredients together and store in the refrigerator in a dark bottle. Great as a light dressing over lettuce, grains, vegetables, etc.

On desserts...

Simply add fruits, nuts, and/or sweeteners proportioned to your taste. Simple, nutritious, and delicious!

For Our Butter Lovers...

You can greatly improve the nutritional value of butter, which is very low in essential fatty acids (EFA's) and contains cholesterol, by mixing butter and fresh flax seed oil in 1:1 proportions. This softens the butter, adds a delicious flavor, and supplies cholesterol lowering EFA's to the butter fat. Remember to refrigerate it. Clarified butter may also be used.

For Our Olive Oil Lovers...

Mix olive oil and flax seed oil 1:1.

This will retain the olive's flavor and greatly enhance its nutritional value.

In general use flax seed oil...

• On cooked or steamed vegetables instead of melted butter; a more healthful choice
• On baked potatoes, either mixed with or instead of, sour cream.
• In shakes and smoothies.
• Use as a massage oil.

To Your Optimal Health,

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