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Secret Surgery Recovery Tips
Vol. 8.1.8

Have you ever had major surgery?  Do you know anyone who has? Nobody enjoys it when surgery is necessary, but sometimes it is vital. Haven't you wished for some tips to help decrease your recovery time from these major operations?

If you have, you'll love this newsletter. I pulled together some of the best secret surgery recovery tips for you this month. Pass them on to anyone you know who could benefit from them!


This is a general description of medications, treatments and supplements useful for enhancing healing after surgery, decreasing adhesion formation at the incision site, and decreasing your pain. Consult your physician as they will design a protocol for that may include only some of these supplements or others depending on your individual health needs.

1 week before surgery: Eliminate alcohol and take the following...

Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Liver support

Vitamin A, C, zinc and flavonoids are nutrients essential for wound healing. Liver support is recommended to protect the liver against toxic effects of the anesthesia and enhance recovery from the anesthetic.

2 days before surgery...

Arnica 30C

This is a homeopathic remedy for bleeding, bruising and trauma.

As soon as possible after surgery...

Arnica 30C

For 1 week after surgery, follow pre-surgery protocol and drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water every day.

Thiosinaminum 30C

This is a homeopathic remedy to prevent adhesions.

After the incision has healed...

Castor Oil Pack

Apply castor oil pack to area of scar three times per week. Refer to the June 2008 Newsletter for instructions on how to use a castor oil pack.

Contrast Hydrotherapy

Alternate a hot and cold compress or washcloth over area of scar once per day.

To Your Optimal Health,

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