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Six Secrets of Naturopathic Medicine
Vol. 5.1.8

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In my medical practice, educating patients is a priority. Education and knowledge are powerful. With this power, patients have the tools to heal. Part of that education includes the six doctrines of naturopathic or natural medicine. Knowing these six teachings allows you to tap into the power of wholistic medicine and clean out the four rooms of your house.

Secret #1: Do no harm.

This means that a person or physician uses nonharmful and nontoxic treatments or methods of cleaning his or her house. You would not use a hard bristle brush to sweep a marble floor nor would you use bleach on a dark colored rug to remove a stain. Gentle yet effective approaches to healing are preferred over harsh and toxic treatments.

Secret #2: Recognize the healing power of nature that lies within the body.

Deep inside every person is an automatic program for self-healing. This program of self-healing is similar to the self-cleaning feature on your kitchen oven. When you first bought your oven, it was clean and sparkling. This is the oven’s natural state. When the oven gets dirty from use, you turn on the self-cleaning feature and let it do the work. The oven becomes like new again with a small pile of ash to clean.

The body works the same way. Its natural state is health. The body has a program of self-healing just like the oven has a self-cleaning feature. When obstacles to cure are removed or when the feature of the oven is turned on, the body or oven returns to its natural state of health or being clean. It is your job to tap into the wisdom of the human body to allow healing to occur.

Secret #3: Treat the cause of disease and illness versus chasing the symptoms.

Imagine you walk out of your house, through the front porch to your car parked in the driveway. As you open your car door to go to work, the front porch collapses. Shocked and relieved you weren’t on the porch, you call in professional help to determine what happened. It turns out your house has termites. These destructive creatures ruined your front porch. They threaten to demolish more of your home.

What do you do? Most likely, you would have your home treated for termites and evict those industrious insects. Next, you would probably hire a contractor to rebuild the front porch.

Treating the symptoms of disease without treating the cause would be like rebuilding the front porch without getting rid of the termites first. Chasing symptoms or rebuilding the porch without termite removal helps in the short term, but does nothing to treat the cause of your health problem or get rid of the termites. Treating the cause of illness leads you down the path of wellness and you begin to cure what is ailing you.

Secret #4: Treat the whole person.

If you invited your friends and family over for a party, would you clean only the bathroom and not spruce up the kitchen and dining room? Or would you clean the whole house, airing out the rooms, dusting, sweeping or vacuuming, and maybe even moving some furniture around?

The obvious answer is that you would clean the whole house. A similar concept applies here. Treating the whole person involves not only physical health, but mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health too. How can your body be healthy and strong when your mind is cluttered with negative self-talk? Or when your emotions are spattered with angry outbursts of stress and rage? Or when your spiritual life does not exist?

Secret #5: Prevent illness and promote wellness.

In your home, the cost of regular home maintenance is usually far less than the cost of having to replace or fix a broken item. For example, you may have your air conditioning or heating system serviced before the summer or winter months. This type of regular maintenance to your home cooling and heating systems keeps things running smoothly. It prevents potential breakdowns of the entire unit. This saves you time and money.

Preventing illness and promoting wellness by regularly cleaning of your four rooms of health serves the same purpose. It takes substantially more time, effort, and money to cure a disease than it does to prevent one.

Secret #6: Physician acts as a teacher.

A teacher in the sense of having a broader perspective on health versus being the only one who knows what is good for you. When you have a minor home repair, you typically go to a home improvement store. Perhaps you ask the staff questions about how to carry out your minor repair. Occasionally you may take a 'how to' seminar offered by the store on the topic of your particular home repair project.

When you have a major home repair, you call a professional builder, plumber, or whoever is needed for the job. If you ask questions, the professionals may educate you about how things in your home work. Both of these resources can empower you with knowledge in home repairs and improvements.

Think of your doctor like these resources. A good physician can empower you with knowledge about the care of your four room house of health. Use your doctor to educate yourself about how your body works. Ask questions and act on the answers provided.

What foods will properly nourish my body? What does my digestive system do? What is normal bowel function? When I have this symptom, what does it mean? These are a few questions to start you thinking about how to use your doctor as a resource.

Make a list of your own questions and ask them at your next doctor's visit.

To Your Optimal Health,

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