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Spring Time = Allergy Time...NOT!
Vol. 4.1.7

Got red, itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and a generally miserable feeling?

I used to suffer like this with seasonal allergies...but not anymore! More on that in a minute.

Many of my clients are complaining their allergies are the worst they have ever been this season. High pollen counts...itch...sneeze...itch...nose get the idea.

Spring time does not have to equal allergy time!

Two powerful health tools I used to CURE my own allergies and others are so simple, you will wonder why people spend millions on allergy medications.

The first is homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a type of energy medicine. The homeopathic remedies or medicines are white sugar pellets you slip under your tongue and let dissolve.

A doctor like myself takes your medical history and matches your symptoms with a homeopathic remedy. You take the remedy as prescribed.

I talk more about homeopathy in Chapter 4 of my new eBook, House Call: The Doctor Knocks at Your Door with the Secrets of Health Transformation.

The second powerful tool is food allergy testing.

The five top offenders in food allergies are wheat, dairy, peanuts, caffeine, and sugar.

But if you have eliminated these from your diet and still suffer with allergies, you may be allergic to something else.

95% of people with symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, bloating, itchy skin and eyes, digestive complaints, mental fogginess, irritability, joint and muscle pain, and a whole host of other symptoms have some kind of delayed food allergy.

The only way to know for sure if you have them is with food allergy testing via the blood, not the common skin prick testing.

You can learn more about food allergy testing or set up an appointment to be tested by calling the office at 480-993-8249.

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