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Romantic Foot Bath for Your Valentine
Vol. 2.1.8

Looking for a romantic, inexpensive, and healthy surprise for your Valentine this February 14th? How about preparing a gentle alternating foot bath for that loved one?

Alternating hot and cold foot baths involve the immersion of the feet alternately into hot and cold water. This treatment reduces pain locally and in distal body parts, such as the ankle, calf, or knee. It increases circulation to the area, increases immunity, nutrition, and lymph drainage.

Add the element of surprise, a few candles, and your favorite aromatherapy scents and you have a romantic Valentine's Day surprise for your loved one!

What are foot baths helpful for?

Alternating hot and cold foot baths are used to treat infections, arthritis, venous stasis ulcers, fractures, edema, injuries including sprains & strains, and bruises after 24 hours.  They are also helpful for tired feet and are used as a way to pamper a loved one!

Who isn't a good candidate for foot baths?

Don't use alternating hot and cold foot baths in persons with cancer, hemorrhage, diminished sensation, or vascular disease including diabetes.

An added note of caution...

Always finish with a short cold bath except in persons with rheumatoid arthritis whose condition is aggravated by cold. End treatment with warm bath in this case.

Supplies you'll need...

2 basins or tubs for feet, bath thermometer, towels, cold compress for head, hot and cold water, and candles & aromatherapy to help set that romantic mood.


• Set a romantic mood by surprising your Valentine - candles, flowers, aromatherapy, and whatever other creative ideas you come up with.

Prepare a tub with hot water at 105-110 degrees F. Do not exceed 120 degrees. This temperature is slightly hotter than the average hot tub. Prepare alternate tub with cold water at 45 degrees F.

• Immerse their feet tub with hot water for 3 minutes. Gently massaging their feet before you put them in the bath is a nice touch!

• After 3 minutes, change feet to cold foot bath and immerse feet for 30 seconds.

• Make three complete changes between the hot and cold tubs (3x-hot/3x-cold).

• Always start the treatment with the hot bath and finish treatment with the cold bath. If the temperature of the hot water falls below 105 degrees, add hot water to the hot tub.

• If your Valentine starts sweating, place a cold compress on their forehead.

• Dry feet their thoroughly and let your Valentine rest in bed for at least 30 minutes.

• The greater the contrast between the hot and cold water, the stronger the treatment.

• Place disinfectant such as betadyne, vinegar, hypericum, or calendula tincture in water if treating an infected wound.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones!

To Your Optimal Health,

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