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Meditation: A Realistic New Year's Resolution?
Vol. 12.1.7

For almost ten years, I set the New Year's Resolution to meditate daily. For years, people were constantly telling me to meditate for a variety of reasons.

It helps reduce stress. It decreases anxiety and depression. It improves your emotional health. It relaxes your physical body. It releases tension. It calms your mind and helps you think clearly. It improves your brain power.

The list of reasons from these people, which by the way, are all proven via research studies, were never ending.

For almost ten years, I failed at completing this resolution and never managed to meditate. I struggled to find the time. I was antsy and could not sit still.  I didn't feel like it. When I tried, I remembered the list of things I had to do and felt guilty for sitting there doing nothing.  I could not stop the thoughts in my head.

My list of reasons for NOT meditating went on and on.
But this all changed in 2007 with the help of one simple tool.

That simple tool is Holosync Meditation CDs. At the beginning of 2007, I started DAILY mediation with the Holosync CDs and the results were and are amazing.

My stress levels have decreased. My patience with myself and others has grown. I feel less tension in my physical body. I have created time for myself in the day instead of rushing all the time. The benefits for me go on and on.

I challenge you to set a New Year's Resolution for 2008 to meditate daily. See what happens to you and your health.

And if you are like me and have tried this resolution before with no luck, you may want the support of the Holosync Meditation CDs.

So the million dollar question is, will daily meditation with the Holosync CDs help you improve your overall health?

Try the CDs for FREE and see what you think. Yes, that's right.  I said try them for FREE.

Click on Free Gifts Page here, scroll down, and click on the flashing 'Instant Meditation, Try Our Free Demo' sign.

You'll be taken to the Holosync website. Click on the green 'Get the Demo' button at the top of the page. Fill out the form and they will send you a FREE sample.

You have nothing to lose except stress, excess tension, anxiety, and depression. You have everything to gain including peace of mind, clarity, improved mental health, and improved emotional health!

To Your Optimal Health,

P. S. Click on the link above and order your set of CDs today! Get them in time for the New Year. Make the committment to start your new meditation practice in 2008!

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