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January Newsletter
Vol. 1.1.8

In December of 2007, something very exciting happened.

Before I tell you what happened, I want to ask you if you have ever wished for a simple road map to health? A simple approach to natural and holistic medicine that takes the confusion out of things?

If you have wished for this, then what happened at the end of 2007 will interest you.

In December, my latest book, House Call: How Ordinary People Have Extraordinary Health was released! This book provides you with a simple four part approach to health and wellness.

The book has been selling like crazy and here is what people are saying:

"Our health is challenged daily by the world we live in. And although we want to take care of our health and feel good we can be overwhelmed by the wealth of information on healthcare that is put out by the media. Dr. Melissa Dawahare takes the overwhelm out of creating a healthy way of life. She provides a very organized plan for achieving optimal health and wellness. We can all benefit from House Call. Dr. Dawahare did a brilliant job with this book."
Sandra Ingerman, Santa Fe, NM
Author of Soul Retrieval & How to Heal Toxic Thoughts

"I finished your book and enjoyed the insight. It's very good for someone who wants to start living their life in balance. I'll definitely refer it to others!"
Kimberly, Indianapolis, IN

"We have used Dr. Dawahare's book on health, House Call, for educational programs at our homeless shelter. With her clever and easy to understand analogies, our women were able to grasp critical health concepts to make changes in their health. Dr. Melissa Dawahare is unique because of her conversational style and desire to help others. These things make her outstanding in her field!"
Alice Mollet, Jefferson, SD
Case Manager, Crossroads Women's Shelter

Click HERE to order your copy of House Call: How Ordinary People Have Extraordinary Health for only $19.95!

You'll be glad you did!

To Your Optimal Health,

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